8th Period Daydream

BEMUS POINT – Prove It Music has released a 10-track album featuring the vocals of a Bemus Point girl.

Halle Weston, 14, a Maple Grove Junior High School student, is featured on four tracks of the Brooklyn recording studio album, “8th Period Daydream.”

According to Weston, she was discovered by Alex McDonald, producer, when she was a junior idol in 2012’s Chautauqua Lake Idol competition. After seeing Weston perform Pink’s “Glitter in the Air” on the floating stage, McDonald approached Weston and her mother, Joni Mitchell, to have a meeting at the See-Zurh House of Bemus Point.

“I wasn’t expecting for it to go the way it went – it was awesome,” said Weston. “I’ve always seen people that have such an experience, but when it happened it was like, ‘Oh my gosh – it’s my turn now.'”

Because Weston and McDonald’s first meeting was held at the See-Zurh House, Mitchell decided it would be a good idea to also host an album signing at the location in July.

“We chose the See-Zurh House because of the staff, the food and I love to support local business,” said Mitchell.

Weston’s lead vocals are featured on four tracks: “Shy Around U,” “Half Moon,” “Bus Is Better” and “Everything So Wonderful.”

“The songs are upbeat, summer-toned and happy,” said Weston. “My favorite is ‘Half Moon’ because it’s about a girl who wishes a guy was with her and how whenever there is a half moon she always wants to be with the love that she is with – it’s bubbly.”

“It’s music for one of those days where all you want to do is jump around and have fun,” said Weston. “The album title, ‘8th Period Daydream,’ is that time of day when the bell is about to ring and you’re ready to leave school to have fun with your friends – dare to daydream.”

Weston’s vocals were recorded by Walt Slivinski at Honeybear Studios of Erie.

“When we recorded all we had was a CD player, his track with no vocals and I sang,” said Weston. “He took the recording back to his studio in New York to play it with his band. It was so different to hear the CD after it came out. I didn’t even expect it because it was so shocking, and it didn’t sound like it was in the studio.”

The album features vocals of two other young musicians: Vonna McDonald, of Brooklyn, and Zander Enock, of Roosevelt Island. It also includes instruments played by various recording studio artists, such as: guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, saxophone, organ, trombone and a string arrangement.

Weston also performed in 2012 and 2013’s Chautauqua’s Got Talent competitions. However, she currently doesn’t have any plans to perform locally, she said.

Weston is the daughter of Mitchell, who works at TJ Maxx, and Lee Weston, who works at Cummins. Weston has a 10-year-old brother, Parker Weston, whom she said has acted as an inspiration to her, along with Amanda Miraglia, Weston’s close friend.

Weston plans to graduate from Maple Grove High School in 2017. She hopes to someday study piano at The Julliard School of New York City, or to serve as a police officer or in the military.

For more information visit www.8thperioddaydream.com.