Southern Tier TEA?Party Patriots To Meet June 25

Southern Tier TEA Party Patriots held its monthly meeting May 28 at the Lakewood American Legion, 174 Chautauqua St., Lakewood. The next meeting will be June 25. Members heard an update on several topics of importance: Common Core, the Romeike family’s home schooling battle, fracking, the Second Amendment and genetically modified organisms.

Jim Allison showed members the sign he carried May 21 when a group of concerned citizens paraded before the IRS office: “If we were deer, it would be called poaching.” A motion was passed in support of abolishing the Internal Revenue Service.

Members received a progress report on the explosion of anti-Common Core groups around the country. A number of states are defunding Common Core, creating legislative pausing or repealing legislation previously establishing Common Core.

Because they had been persecuted in Germany for home schooling their children, a U.S. judge granted the Romeike family asylum in 2010. The Obama administration appealed this decision saying that education is not a fundamental human right. In a video taped interview, Romeike said that the U.S. public should be alarmed over the government taking more and more control of our lives, and that many rights are being taken away. The Home School Legal Defense Association is providing assistance to the Romeikes.

Fifty countries have laws forbidding GMO crops. Neither the United States nor Canada have similar legislation,