Frewsburg Dominates Div. 2 Softball All-Stars

Champion Frewsburg had the most selections with five named to the first team of the Division 2 softball all-start team.

Samantha Mott was named the pitcher of the year (10-1) and Shawna Raymond (.614) was the player of the year from the Bears. Raymond also won the sportsmanship award.

Both Mott and Raymond are seniors.

Other seniors named to the first team for Frewsburg were McKenzie Cass (.561), Annie Berg (.442) and Reyanne Strong (.392)

Representing Cassadaga Valley were seniors Kristi Zink (.500), Kelsie Brown (.531) and Jessie Burch (.405) while Ken Balling was named coach of the year.

Other first-team selections were Albanie Stives and Gia George (.379) from Portville, Sara Crandall from Cattaraugus-Little Valley and Mandy Finch (.324) from Randolph.

The Sportsmanship Awards were handed out to Kaitlyn Blanchard of Frewsburg, Kaylee Eaton of Cattaraugus-Little Valley, Stephani Sosnowski of Portville, Kelsie Brown of Cassadaga Valley, Morgan Fiebelkorn of Randolph, McKayla Sluga of Salamanca and Cora Utegg of Silver Creek.


Samantha Mott Sr. Frewsburg

Shawna Raymond Sr. Frewsburg

McKenzie Cass Sr. Frewsburg

Annie Berg Sr. Frewsburg

Reyanne Strong Sr. Frewsburg

Sara Crandall Jr. Cattaraugus-Little Valley

Albanie Stives Sr. Portville

Gia George Sr. Portville

Kristi Zink Sr. Cassadaga Valley

Kelsie Brown Sr. Cassadaga Valley

Jessie Burch Sr. Cassadaga Valley

Mandy Finch Sr. Randolph


Alanna Blanchard Sr. Frewsburg

Emily Hair Jr. Frewsburg

Kaylee Eaton Jr. Cattaraugus Little Valley

Kaitlyn Nye Sr. Cattaraugus-Little Valley

Alyssa Hahn 8th Cassadaga Valley

Kaitlyn Johnson Sr. Cassadaga Valley

Brayley Rodunardt Sr. Randolph

Kaylee Luce Sr. Randolph

Chelcee StaatsSr. Salamanca

Mickey Tinnerman Sr. Salamanca

Elizabeth Golubski Silver Creek


Cassadaga Valley: Ashley Carroll (Sr.), Mya Sischo (Sr.).

Cattaraugus-Little Valley: Molleigh Bradley (Fr.).

Frewsburg: Karlee Foti (Jr.), Bethany Steele (Sr.).

Portville: Shaina Griffin (Soph.), Darienne Slocum (Fr.).

Randolph: Hilary Clinger (Jr.).

Salamanca: Kayla Jackson (Fr.), McKayla Sluga (Sr.).

Silver Creek: Jenny Pearl (Fr.), Mary Jo Pearl (Jr.).