TOPS Announces Best Losers

Twenty-six TOPS 721 Jamestown members weighed in April 11. Best losers were Carol Kirkpatrick, who received free dues and presented the program, and Cindy Williams, TOPS, and Diane Anderson, KOPS. Prize winners were Ms. Williams and Imogene Truax. Contest winners were Nancy Shelters and Ms. Kirkpatrick.

At the April 25 meeting, 27 members weighed in, and best losers were Mary Lou Lawson, TOPS, and Jan Eckberg, KOPS. Prize winners were Rita Darling and Stephany Williams. Darrylin Sperry, Sylvia Johnson, Ms. Lawson and Gail Crawford were punch card winners. Discussion was on the May 10 and 11 garage sale and weigh-in only. Irene Anderson won the monthly raffle and Mary Dooley, workers raffle.

Ms. Kirkpatrick, TOPS, and Ms. Williams, KOPS, were named best losers when 29 members weighed in on May. Ms. Darling, who was named April best loser, received free dues. Kay Wright was a prize winner.

The thought was that success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

Jackie Anderson and Donna Borst were TOPS best losers on May 9. Janice Eckberg was the KOPS best loser. Twenty-eight members weighed in, and a 43-pound weight loss was recorded. Other prize winners were Steve Crawford and Jackie Anderson. Punch card winners were Barb Linza and Steve Crawford.

The thought was that most people fail not because of lack of desire, but because of lack of commitment.

Twenty-seven members weighed in on May 23. Best losers were Ms. Davis, who received free dues, and Joanne Anderson. Prize winners were Steve Crawford, Gail Ann Crawford and Ann Kroon. Ms. Truax and Joanne Anderson were punch card winners.

The thought was that if food is your best friend, it is also your worst enemy.

Best losers on May 30 were Cecelia Brisley, TOPS, and Ms. Eckberg, KOPS. Ms. Linza received free dues. Jackie Anderson and Ms. Truax were prize winners. Ms. Truax won the workers raffle; Ms. Borst, monthly raffle. Future events include weigh-in at 610 W. Seventh St. on July 11 and the Aug. 15 picnic in the Rod and Gun Club.

Chapter weigh-in is 8:30-9:30 a.m. each Thursday, followed by a meeting, in the Kidder Memorial United Methodist Church, corner of South Main and Cole streets. For more information, call 763-4626.