Walking Your Dog Takes On New Meaning

To The Readers’ Forum:

The City of Jamestown City Code #125-2 under general regulations states “No dog shall be permitted to be at large or allowed to run at large within the City, except that a dog may be upon the private property or premisses of another only with the knowledge, consent and approval of the owner of such premises, and further excepting that a dog duly licensed and wearing a collar and licensed as required by Article 7 of the Agriculture and Markets Law of the state may be upon a public way or public recreation area, provided that such dog is leashed by a leash not exceeding eight feet in length and is then and there under the custody and control of the owner or other competent person accompanying the dog who shall be required to make proper and immediate disposal of any pet excrement.”

To those who find this law a bit confusing allow me to cut through the minutia. If you are walking your dog it must be licensed, have a collar, be on a leash not to exceed eight feet, be under the custody of the owner or other competent person, and most important if your dog does its duty on property other than your own you are required by law to do your duty and pick it up immediately. That also means that you should carry at all times the proper implements to pick it up. If you don’t you could very well find yourself in front of a Judge.

Walking your dog has taken on a new meaning. To some it means get my dog as far away from my property as possible and let it do it’s duty someplace else, like its toxic waste. If you don’t want it on your property what makes you think other people want it on theirs. If you don’t want your company to step in it and track it into your house what makes you think other people do. If you don’t want your lawn mower to run over it what makes you think others do. If you don’t want to shovel it off of your lawn what makes you think others want to. If you don’t want your kids to accidentally roll in it what makes you think other people do.

The only way to stop some people from being so inconsiderate is to educate them about the law and following through with a call to the Police Department. One time in front of the Judge just might do the trick. Excuse the pun.

Bruce Piatz