Equal Time For Fathers And Dads

Last month the Voice from the Bullpen took a look at some of the mothers and moms we grew up with on television, and I hinted that Father’s Day was coming up. Well, Father’s Day is a week away, so in fairness to fathers and dads, it’s only appropriate that they get equal time, so let’s look at some of the television patriarchs of our past. See if you remember who played:

1.) Ward Cleaver

2.) Lucas McCain

3.) Ben Cartwright

4.) Tom Corbett (Eddie’s Father)

5.) Jim Anderson (Father Knows Best)

6.) Andy Taylor

7.) Steve Douglas (actually the father of four sons)

8.) Howard Cunningham

9.) Chester Riley

10.) James Evans (Good Times)

11.) Archie Bunker

12.) Dr. Alex Stone

13.) Jed Clampett

14.) Herbert T. Gillis (Dobie’s Dad)

15.) Dr. John Robinson (Lost in Space)

16.) Danny Williams (Make Room for Daddy)

17.) John Walton

18.) Grandpa Walton

19.) Ozzie (Husband of Harriet, Father of David and Ricky)

20.) Tim Taylor (Home Improvement)

21.) Dr. Jason Seaver (Growing Pains)

22.) Mike Brady

23.) Frank Barone

24.) Rob Petrie

25.) Steven Keaton

26.) Gomez Addams

27.) Herman Munster

28.) Frank Costanza

29.) Charles Ingalls

30.) Danny Tanner (Full House)

31.) Fred Flintstone

32.) Homer Simpson

33.) Darrin Stephens No. 1 (Bewitched)

34.) Darrin Stephens No. 2

35.) Tom Bradford (Eight is Enough)

36.) Martin Lane (The Patty Duke Show)

37.) Dr. Cliff Huxtable

38.) Carl Winslow (Family Matters)

39.) Rev. Eric Camden (7th Heaven)

40.) Henry Mitchell (Dennis the Menace)

41.) Tom Wedloe (Gentle Ben)

42.) Bentley Gregg (Bachelor Father)

43.) Ray Barone

44.) Tony Micelli (Who’s the Boss)

45.) Phillip Banks (Fresh Prince of Bel Air)

46.) Michael Taylor (My Two Dads)

47.) Joey Harris (My Two Dads)

48.) Jack Arnold (The Wonder Years)

49.) Dr. David Howser (Doogie Howser M.D.)

50.) Fred G. Sanford

Well, there you have it. Fifty of the fathers and dads we grew up watching on television. They were funny fathers, wise fathers, wise-cracking fathers, philosophical fathers, hard-working fathers, fathers who sang, fathers who laughed, fathers who cried, single fathers and fathers we loved watching each week. As with all “list” articles included in the “VFTB,” I will give you the answers but I am confident you don’t need them. Remember, each question is worth two points. Good luck and please do well. As a former teacher, I may be evaluated as to how my “students” do on these “tests,” and I certainly don’t want to lose my Sunday space in The Post-Journal for poor grades. No cheating now.


1.) Hugh Beaumont

2.) Chuck Conners

3.) Lorne Greene

4.) Bill Bixby

5.) Robert Young

6.) Andy Griffith

7.) Fred MacMurray

8.) Tom Bosley

9.) William Bendix

10.) John Amos

11.) Carroll O’Conner

12.) Carl Betz

13.) Buddy Ebsen

14.) Frank Faylen

15.) Guy Williams

16.) Danny Thomas

17.) Ralph Waite

18.) Will Geer

19.) Ozzie Nelson (I should have just given you the two points)

20.) Tim Allen

21.) Alan Thicke

22.) Robert Reed

23.) Peter Boyle

24.) Dick Van Dyke

25.) Michael Gross

26.) John Astin

27.) Fred Gwynne

28.) Jerry Stiller

29.) Michael Landon

30.) Bob Saget

31.) Alan Reed

32.) Dan Castellaneta

33.) Dick Lord

34.) Dick Sergent

35.) Dick Van Patten

36.) William Schallert

37.) Bill Cosby

38.) Reginald Vel Johnson

39.) Stephen Collins

40.) Herbert Anderson

41.) Dennis Weaver

42.) John Forsythe

43.) Ray Romano

44.) Tony Danza

45.) James Avery

46.) Paul Reiser

47.) Greg Evigan

48.) Dan Laurie

49.) James B. Sikking

50.) Redd Foxx

So this is the opening act for next week’s celebration of Father’s Day. Next week we can bring the focus back to all the real fathers and dads who left the house each day to work their jobs and raise their families, and who earned the right to be honored with their special day. Hope you did well on the quiz and enjoyed a look back at the fathers and dads who came out of the little box in the corner of living rooms across America. They were our “fantasy” fathers. Next week, we pay tribute to our real ones.