Editor’s Note

I’ve rambled in this space before about my recent addiction to Netflix and its variety of offerings.

The Internet television network offers subscribers a variety of programming. After having the service for a while, my girlfriend and I – two people who could rarely agree on what to watch, discovered “The Office.”

According to NBC’s website, the comedy takes a documentary-style look at the humorous, and sometimes poignant, foolishness that plagues the 9-to-5 world. The show’s ninth, and final season, aired recently on the network.

I had seen a few episodes of the show on cable over the years, but I wasn’t a regular viewer by any means. We decided to give “The Office” a shot, starting with the first few episodes.

A season went by. Then another. Before we knew it, we were watching Michael Scott – the show’s main character, played by Steve Carell – leave after the seventh season.

The show has given us plenty of laughs with its characters’ unbelievable and, most of the time, completely inappropriate workplace actions.

We’re now working our way through season eight.

Unfortunately, our fun is about to run out – one season short.

Netflix, as of yet, hasn’t added season nine of “The Office,” meaning we’ll have to wait to see the series’ final 25 episodes.

According to some posts I’ve read online, it could be a few months before Netflix makes the final season available. My girlfriend and I will be looking for a fill-in show on Netflix that can pass the time until we can see the final episodes. Here’s hoping we find one as funny as “The Office.”

Maybe canceling cable wasn’t such a good idea after all. We’ll see.