Jamestown Area Soap Box Derby Will Be Held Today

The 29th annual Jamestown Area Soap Box Derby will be held today at the John S. Sinatra Memorial Soap Box Derby Track adjacent to Diethrick Park.

Racing in the Stock (boys and girls ages 7 to 13) and Super Stock (ages 10 to 17) Divisions will begin at 9 a.m.

The winners earn a berth in the All-American Soap Box Derby on July 27 at Akron, Ohio.



1. Garrett Fransen, Heil & Andrews Construction

2. Drew Roller, Spartan Tool

3. Samantha Kosinski, Heil & Andrews Construction, QMS

4. Damen Vincent, Marvin Windows & Doors/J.K. Wirsen Construction

5. Jarrett Vincent, SoBe Healthy Refreshments

6. Nathan Lewis, Hoover Oil Field

7. Brea Tota, Grandpa Tota

8. Luke Tota, Grandpa Tota

10. Kylee Lindahl

11. Alexandria Paterniti, Marcy Morreale Memorial

12. Anthony Paterniti, Casel Auto

13. Hunter Feeney, Hoover Oil Field

14. Kohl Feeney, Hoover Oil Field

15. Abigail Sweeney, Hoover Oil Field

16. Dean Sullivan, Hoover Oil Field

17. Drew Carlson, Robo Enterprises.


101. Caleb Roller

102. Madison Vincent, ALSTAR

103. Jake Tota, Grandpa Tota

104. Kaylee Vincent, Microworx Computers

105. Benjamin Linkerhof, Hoover Oil Field

106. Bronson Rasmussen, South Hills Country Club

107. Chelsea Vincent, Southern Chautauqua FCU

108. Brianna Larson, Zippo

109. Kylee Andrews, Heil & Andrews Construction

110. Katherine Russo, JFD & Morton Club

111. Cameron Lydell, Zippo/Model T

112. Dylan Lydell, Zippo

113. Bryce Larson, Hoover Oil Field