Always Fun

Eight local children will be sent to camp for fun in the great outdoors this summer thanks to people buying Tim Hortons coffee.

Wednesday was Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shop Camp Day. Camp day is when business proceeds go toward sending underprivileged children to camp.

Vic Tarana, along with his wife, Brenda, and son, Blake, operate the four local Tim Hortons: 21 S. Main St., Jamestown; 277 E. Fairmount Ave., Lakewood; 1361 E. Second St., Jamestown; and 1311 N. Main St., Jamestown. Tarana said eight local children, four from Jamestown, two from Falconer and two from Panama, will be selected to attend a camp in Kentucky. In U.S. and Canada, 15,000 children will be sent to one of six camps. Last year, more than $12 million was raised at Tim Hortons locations to send children to camp.

“These kids would never have the opportunity to experience something like this. A 10-day all-expense-paid camping trip,” he said. “Not only do the kids have fun, but it is a confidence builder. There are teamwork activities to build self-esteem to make them feel better about themselves.”

Along with the proceeds being donated, other activities and fundraisers took place at the four locations. Tarana said Sam Teresi, Jamestown mayor, and David Krieg, Falconer mayor, participated in activities. Also, local fireman, police officers and emergency medical technicians participated by greeting people and handing out coffee. At the East Second Street location, teachers donated their time by participating in an activity to have pies thrown at their faces. Teachers Jamie Glatz, sixth grade; Dan Morales, high school science; and Michelle Pitts, high school science; participated in the whipped cream pie fundraiser.

“We ask local community volunteers to come in and make it fun,” Tarana said. “For teachers to come in to have pies thrown at their face is a great comment on what the community is willing to do to help.”

Tarana said he has been participating in the program for 11 years. He said it is very rewarding when he hears back from the children who have gone to camp thanks to Tim Hortons’ camp day.

“We get letters from them about their experience and how much they appreciate it,” he said. “To get one of these letters it is very fulfilling.”