Native To Sign Novel Set In Jamestown WWII Era

Imagine writing a novel set in the town where you were born and generations of your ancestors lived – a town you left early in your childhood but a place that figured prominently in all the family stories passed down to you.

Pamela McDavid, author of “Seven Years Between,” was born in Jamestown’s WCA Hospital in 1959, but left before she turned 1 because her father was transferred to California.

Going back as far as her great-great-grandfather in 1867, she has utilized diaries and letters to create a Jamestown never seen by her eyes, but much loved in her heart. “In Seven Years Between,” she asks, “How might it have been?” and fills in the gaps of her mother’s challenging years growing up in Jamestown in the turbulent 1930s and 40s.

McDavid will sign her book on Saturday, June 15, from 2-4 p.m. at Novel Destination – Used Book Emporium, 177 Fluvanna Ave., in Jamestown, where she will have copies for sale for $10. Light refreshments will be served. From noon to 1 p.m. she will sign books at the James Prendergast Library, 509 Cherry St., Jamestown.

“Seven Years Between” tells the story of Carol, the daughter of an alcoholic father whom she loves, fears and worries about, and a practical career-driven mother who does what it takes to provide for her daughter during the challenging years of the depression and WWII.

After her parents’ divorce, 6-year-old Carol is left without a full-time parent to care for her and must live as a boarder with a series of three different Jamestown families, from the time she is 6 until she is 13. She overcomes obstacles with courage, wit and perseverance.

Of her upcoming visit to Jamestown, McDavid said, “My sister Paula and I were born at the WCA Hospital where my mother and grandmother both trained and worked. We will be traveling to New York, along with our younger sister Kathleen, to see our birthplace and the home of our relatives for six generations. ‘Though Seven Years Between’ is fiction, it takes place in Jamestown and is based on many of the stories that our mother told us when we were young.”

In addition to promoting her new book, McDavid is also visiting Chautauqua County to do further research for her upcoming sequel that will cover her mother’s life from ages 13 through 19.

McDavid was among the top 10 finalists in the Christian Writers Guild 2012 Operation First Novel Competition. In 2011 she received an honorable mention from New Millennium Writings for her short story “The Dirt of Guinea.” She is a member of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association and has served in overseas medical/dental ministries with CAMA Services and Medical Teams International.

McDavid lives in Oregon with her husband, Andy, a professional photographer. They have four children and four grandchildren.

For more information, contact Novel Destination – Used Book Emporium proprietor Carrie Wolfgang at 489-1496 or, or visit Facebook at Novel Destination. Additional information is available at or by calling the library at 484-7135.