Good Work, BPU

To The Reader’s Forum:

Often municipal workers find themselves derided by the public for a variety of reasons. I however would like to take this opportunity to commend the Jamestown BPU electric service division for rendering exemplary service.

Sunday morning, June 3rd, a mature 70 foot Ash tree weakend by disease and battered by the storm winds met its match and fell across Martin Road blocking the entrance to the Jefferson Middle School. A portion of the tree balanced precariously on the electric and cable lines above the entry. Within fifteen minutes of notification, a BPU electric bucket vehicle was on the scene manned by two workers.

I observed the skill and professionalism of the workers who assesed the situation and removed the tree with a great degree of skill.

Without the skills evidenced and the quick responce, this incident could have caused electric service disruption and perhaps bodily harm.

I think sometimes we take the BPU for granted because our electric service for the most part operates 24/7 with few problems. A primary component in developing and maintaing a high degree of operational efficiency demands a dedicated 24/7 workforce. This is one of the great values of the Jamestown BPU. As customers, we benefit from both low rates and high quality service.

David Switala,