Falconer Warehouse Antiques Now Open

FALCONER – A love of history has led to the opening of a new business in Falconer.

Falconer Warehouse Antiques is the new business that opened in March. The antique warehouse is located at 25 E. James St., Falconer. The shop is along Falconer Street, across from the alley that goes by Burger King. Debi Jose, Falconer Warehouse Antiques operator/manager, said there is a sign along Falconer Street assisting people in locating the new shop.

Jose, along with Scott Fegley, run the antiques business that has several vendors who offer a variety of furniture, clothing, glassware and collectibles. Jose said the location is a warehouse, so several vendors can set up a location inside to sell their antiques.

“We have vintage antiques, retro items, collectibles, there is something for everybody,” Jose said. “We have specialties like Victorian items to ’50s nostalgia jukeboxes and pinball machines. We have vintage clothing, toys and records.”

Jose said people can also visit the store to sell individual items. Also, Jose and Fegley have started a list of items people are looking to purchase.

“We offer free coffee, and we just love when people come in and just want to talk to us about what they see,” she said. “Everything has a history. It is interesting to see people walk through here and just go back in time.”

Jose said since she can remember, she has been a fan of antiques and vintage items.

“I think my love of antiques comes from my grandparents,” she said. “They had a real appreciation for them, and saw the beauty in history.”

One vendor at the business is John Piazza. Piazza refurbishes old juke boxes and pinball machines to sell at the shop.

“He saves history,” Jose said about Piazza’s collectible items.

Piazza said he enjoys bringing the machines back to life.

“If not for me most of them would go to the junkyard,” he said. “It makes me feel good to save them, and for me to be here to visit with people in the community.”

Jose also does estate sales.

Falconer Warehouse Antiques is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. For more information, call 450-1786 or 489-0827.