Condition Of Road Is Yearlong Problem

To the Readers’ Forum:

I would like to say a big thank you to David Chase for addressing a problem near and dear to my heart in a recent edition of The Post-Journal. That is the condition of the Quaint Road, especially in the springtime. Actually, it is a yearlong problem.

For 10 years I was known as the “Bag Lady of Quaint Road.” I walked the road every week picking up from route 394 to the Falconer-Frewsburg Road on the other end. It took me two days to cover the whole road. I also cleaned New York Avenue, the Carlberg Road to the end and all the way to Frewsburg. Now that my knees won’t take all that walking and getting into and out of the ditches, I have had to give up my favorite form of exercise. I no longer drive the Quaint Road where the debris is the worst because it would upset me.

I wish to thank the Highway Department for furnishing me with a vest, large orange bags and a picking stick and also a dumpster to deposit my found ”treasure” in.

I picked up everything except cigarette butts. There were too many to consider. The legal tender I even found was a $5 bill. I even tossed road kill over the bank. Have you ever picked up a flat opossum by the tail and had the skin come off in your hand? Not too pleasant! Do you have any idea how heave a soiled baby diaper is when soaked with rainwater for days? I had a very interesting hobby.

So what can be done about it? Shall we levy a clean-up tax on the companies that sell their product in blue beer cans, red and white cigarette packs, brown coffee cups or takeout dishes that have a golden arch or BK on them? they would just raise their prices and people would still throw their trash out the window.

How about closing Quaint Road one Saturday a month and let the Scouts go at it? Is there a badge for this activity? I’m not sure that the solution is but of this one thing I am sure. There are three things for certain in this life, death, taxes and road trash.

Helen Burch