Editor’s Note

The nice thing about having a subpar cellphone is I’m not tied to my email or the Internet wherever I go. I can get away from social media or work if I so choose.

The bad thing about not having a technologically awesome, overly expensive super phone is I’m stuck with a barely functioning, frustrating-to-use mobile piece of junk.

Occasionally, I’ll hear someone talking to me from inside my pocket. Or, when I’m in the middle of a call, everything will go silent for a few seconds or so. It’s a neat feature.

I don’t have a landline, so my phone is the only way for most people to reach me. After a while, people like my parents have come to understand just how my phone works.

“Scott’s phone is just taking a break,” I assume they think.

Then, when I’m able to communicate with them again, they say, “Wow, you really need a new phone.”

But I haven’t had it for that long, and I’m not due for an upgrade for quite a while. I’m using this phone until it totally stops working. It’s just the way I am, and I can’t be fixed.

Typically, I’m only reminded why I don’t have a smartphone once a month when I pay my bill. But when I went to Buffalo with my girlfriend over the holiday weekend, I was reminded how nice it is to be away from the Internet or my email for a few days.

I was able to remove myself from thoughts of work and responsibilities for the most part, while also avoiding wasting large chunks of time on Twitter and Facebook.

There are enough things in my life that distract me. I don’t need my cellphone to be one of them.