A Powerful Combination

Seventeen-year-old Jordan Powers, a junior at Southwestern Central School, not only sets swimming records at the Jamestown YMCA but incorporates fun and being a role model into his routine.

He started on the YMCA Jets swim team when he was in sixth grade and never stopped. This led him to join his high school swim team since seventh grade.

Currently, Powers has set eight Jets records this season and has raced at YMCA Nationals in Greensboro, N.C., this past April in the 50 and 100 freestyle events.

Under the direction of head coach Jason Chinni, Powers enjoys the friendships he has formed over the years and the multiple opportunities to swim in meets and invitationals.

“We are all close friends here, and I would have not met them if I was not involved with YMCA swimming,” Powers said. “It is a safe place at the Y, and I feel like I am not coming to swim practice but coming to have fun.”

Powers remembers breaking the 50 butterfly prep record at the Jets Invitational when he was in seventh grade, which inspired him to be a better athlete.

“This was a really big moment for me because it made me realize that I could swim fast and compete with the advanced swimmers,” he said.

Parents Mark and Denise Powers, who are also swim team parent volunteers, have supported their son since the start of his favorite sport.

“We are so proud of all Jordan’s accomplishments,” they said. “His success in the pool is the result of a lot of hard work, dedication and focus throughout the years. This work ethic, combined with the encouragement we have witnessed Jordan offering the younger swim team members makes him a great role model.”

Because of his passion for swimming, Powers obtained his lifeguard certification at the Y, where he has been employed as a lifeguard for almost two years.