End To Interventions Doesn’t Make Sense

To the Readers’ Forum:

Once again, Pat Buchanan, elder statesman, author and veteran columnist, has rendered us a valuable service. In a column in The Post-Journal of April 27, he has captured the very essence of America and the western world’s greatest dilemma. This is the mounting belligerence of radical Islam toward their western Christian counterparts.

His careful delineation of the onward march of the world’s largest religion (1.6 billion) throughout the Middle East, Africa, Western Europe and now, the western hemisphere is a painful fact of life. The Netherlands, France, Spain and Albania are cases in point in Europe.

While most Muslims are peaceful and devout, it is the ruling factions which control their destinies, unquestionably. Buchanan’s admonition should be carefully examined by all, including high school social studies classes. Like it or not, we of the western world are engaged in a struggle for our very way of life.

The latest ”Boston Massacre” is a brutal reminder of what we must contend with. For a decade, this Islamic, Chechnyan family was totally financially supported and educated by American taxpayers, who were to be killed and massively wounded in return for their kindness.

We have been more than amply warned. We must redouble our vigilance and devise the ways and means to contain this challenge and to insure our civilization.

Buchanan calls for an end to our interventions in the Muslim world. Does this seem to make sense? Remember, we are an ally of Israel and all that portends.

Tom Harte