Jett, Trinity Biotech Do The Right Thing

To The Readers’ Forum:

As a believer of volunteering services to those less fortunate, I have done my fair share of volunteer service. After reading about the strenuous task accomplished by Candy Jett in the article “Blood and Water,” I have gained the utmost gratitude for her services in Honduras. Not only did Candy Jett help others by utilizing her medical skills, but also put her career on hold in the process. I am proud to be from an area where a local business such as Trinity Biotech, could generously offer the testing kits for Candy Jett to provide HIV tests for people in Honduras.

Richard Knox, explains the unawareness of people at risk of HIV. “Many infected people are unaware of their risk because their own behaviors are not particularly high risk.” One-third of all patients in emergency rooms are tested for HIV. Often, it is known that HIV is commonly spread sexually, but when it affects the lives of children who had no choice but to be born with the virus, we often question why an innocent child is born less fortunate. Candy Jett understands that HIV is still a common virus, and took the initiative to not only volunteer, but help a family in Honduras.

Terrance DeJesus