Jefferson Middle School Hosts District Art Show

“I love creating and art is such a good way to work through things,” said JHS senior Nicole Larsen who has two pieces in the show, a self-portrait drawing from Drawing & Painting class and a video game cover from her Computer Graphics course. “I think having an exhibit like this lets everyone see all of the amazing art classes JPS offers. I’ve taken seven art classes at JHS and there are so many more that I could have taken.”

Art teachers from every school in the district chose artists to represent their schools. Artwork from paintings to photographs to sculptures to jewelry were on display.

“I feel good when I do art. It gives me a way to express myself,” said Fletcher Elementary School fourth grader Hunter Gruber who has one piece in the show, a sketch of a deer in the dark. “I can’t wait to get to middle school so I can do a charcoal portrait. I love sketching because you can shade things to make them look more realistic.”

The turnout for the opening was the biggest one in the history of the District Art Show.

“We’re lucky to have such a great art program and it’s so nice for students to have an opportunity to show their creativity outside the classroom,” said Persell Middle School 8th grader Rachel Johnson. “It is also great to be able to show the community what we do at Jamestown Schools.”

The JPS District Art Show will run until Thursday at Jefferson Middle School. If the public would like to view the show during the school day, please stop at Jefferson’s main office for a visitor’s pass.