The Great Outdoors

RUSSELL, Pa. – The new owners of Red Oak Campground in Russell, Pa., like camping so much they left their old careers to do it full time.

Steve and Joanne Green are the new owners of the campground, located at 225 Norman Road, Russell, Pa. Before buying the campground late last year, Steve was a stable owner in the New York/New Jersey area and Joanne was the chief accountant for a New Jersey university while she lived in New York state.

“With our combined skills, we think we will make this work,” Joanne said about her new career. “One thing that was lacking in my old job was I didn’t get out much. I was stuck in an office. I like being outside more.”

Joanne said this is the first time the two have owned a campground. She said they did a lot of camping through the years, and she even worked before at other campgrounds as a seasonal employee.

“We had been looking for a campground the last three years and we came up here, and it was just what we wanted,” she said. “The whole layout was what we envisioned a campground to be. We thought this was the perfect place to have.”

Now as the new owners, the Greens are making some improvements to the campgrounds. One major upgrade was enhancing the electricity throughout Red Oak.

“We now have 50-amp service. We have 30 sites with 50-amp service. Now all the new large trailers can come in and hook up,” she said. “Before we just had 20- and 30-amp service, but now we have 30- and 50-amp service.”

Joanne said there is a new children’s playground, with a wooden pirate ship. The ship is two stories high, with a rock wall, a slide and a fireman’s pole. Also, there is a new pavilion for campers to use on rainy days for activities. The new owners also have plans to upgrade Red Oak’s bakery.

“Steve and I both like cooking, and we want to expand the cafe. We will be open for breakfast, and we want to bring in other items,” she said. “Steve is working on a wood-fired pizza oven. We will have pizza nights where people can put toppings on their own pizza. Coming from New York, we like different types of pizza, so we want to bring that here.”

Joanne said there will be a lot more activities this summer at the campground. She said they have received licensing to have music concerts and to show movies outdoors next to a bonfire. She said there will be pony races every weekend and a karaoke night each week.

“We’re going to have a western weekend and we’re going to bring in a mechanical bull. For Father’s Day, we’re having a pig roast. We’re going to have Halloween in August and Christmas in July,” she said. “Every week, we’ve got activities planned.”

Joanne said the campground has 220 sites for both seasonal and daily, weekly or monthly rentals. There are four cabins and three trailers also available to rent. She said Red Oak has an area for tent campers, as well.

For more information, call 757-8507 or visit mpground.