City Is Taking Right Approach For Cyclists

To The Reader’s Forum:

I am pleased to see that the leadership in Jamestown is looking at making the city more bike friendly. What many resident of the region don’t realize is that Chautuaqua County is truly wonderful bicycling terrain. – Some of the best in the country- It is not flat and boring nor mountainous and daunting. Also the scenery is both beautiful and interesting.

The city is very bikeable. Although it has hills, with good gearing and conditioning, most can be handled with eased.

Finally you do not have the heavy traffic that is typical in most large cities.

I realize that winter weather will limit riding but bike lanes could be used as cross country ski routes in winter.

When I come back to visit I rent a bike for a very enjoyable ride around the Lake.

I believe it would be a very good thing for all residents if the efforts succeed to make the city more bike – and pedestrian friendly.

Dave Olson

Tacoma, Wash.