Gloria Mary Christy Fargo

Gloria Mary Christy Far-go passed away peacefully on May 14, 2013.

Gloria was born April 17, 1924, in Lackawanna, N.Y., and raised in Jamestown near Chautauqua Lake. She entertained all who met her with stories of her childhood there, especially the fact that she and Lucille Ball were from the same small town. Although she lost both parents at a young age, nothing could quench the spirit that propelled her through life.

Gloria is survived by her husband of 65 years, Jarvis Fargo; son, Jeffrey and his wife, Heidi Fargo; daughter, Jennifer and her husband, John Lathrop: and four, as Gloria would say, “perfect grand- children:” Brooke, David, Laurel and Ellen.

Gloria met Jarvis when he returned from World War II, and attended Alfred University extension in Jamestown, on the GI Bill. They married in 1947 and spent the first years of their marriage in Alfred, N.Y., where their son, Jeff was born.

After Jarvis graduated, they moved to Corning, where daughter, Jennifer was born. Then in 1957, Gloria and Jarvis made the adventurous decision to go West, settling in southern California. After staying home with the children until they were in junior high school, Gloria began working for the Glendale, California School District in 1962. Beginning as a data processor, she eventually took on the responsibility for printing all the progress reports, schedules and report cards for the entire district. When she retired, two people were hired to replace her. She wasn’t just a hard working employee though. On one memorable event, she attended the school board meeting to protest a requirement that employees work on Christ-mas Eve day, comparing them to Scrooge.

After retiring in 1988, Gloria and Jarvis moved to The Villages, a retirement community in San Jose. Thus began almost 20 years of golf, travel and friendships new and old. As health needs arose, Gloria and Jarvis moved up the peninsula, ending up in Santa Clara.

Gloria enriched the lives of all who knew her. As she laughingly reminded family members, one of her high school English teachers told her, “Gloria, some people will like you, some won’t, but nobody will be neutral.”

As for this family, we all loved, admired and were enriched by Gloria, the spark of the family, the heart of our lives. Gloria’s indomitable spirit was inspirational. She always maintained that we could achieve any goal no matter how impossible it seemed. And she set the example with her own life.

Services will be held Saturday, June 1, at 10 a.m. at Pacific Gardens Assisted Living, 2384 Pacific Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95051 408- 985-5252