Chautauqua Colony Serves As Luncheon Site

There is something new at Chautauqua Colony. The Office for the Aging has its luncheon site now five days a week. The site serves lunches at 11:30 a.m., Monday through Friday.

I myself enjoy eating and being with other young people over 60 years young. No dishes to wash and no cleaning up. The meals are all cooked at Jones Hill under supervision of Meals on Wheels and the Office for the Aging. They have a good chef.

Our site manager, Gloria, puts our lunches in the oven, gets it warm to high temp, and it is served like a restaurant on real plates. The dietician, Cheryl, plans our healthy meals and does the menu and keeps check on things. The tables are set nice by Gloria, who makes a person feel comfortable and welcome.

On Fridays starting at 10 a.m., we play Bingo. Everyone wins. Maybe a card game or game of something could get started. Our new manager, Jeff, seems to make his rounds and calls a number or two at Bingo. He is a good manager and is nice and friendly to everyone. We would love to see new faces and new friends to have lunch with. And by the way, they are cheaper than to eat out or fix at home.

Everything is handled and supervised by Office for the Aging. Our site manager and hostess, have volunteers to help with serving and cleaning up afterward. We also have a new service coordinator, Emily, who is there to help us get the services we need to remain living at home.

Betty Ann Sheesley

Chautauqua Colony resident