Judge Rules In Conservative Party Case

Anna Wilcox is in control of the Chautauqua County Conservative Party.

Earlier this month, a Chautauqua County Supreme Court hearing was held in the case of Anna Wilcox against Roger Gloss. The two parties were in court fighting over control of the county’s Conservative Party. According to Michael Sullivan, Wilcox’s attorney, the two were fighting over Conservative Party paperwork filed by Gloss with the state.

”In September and October, three meetings were held to reorganize the Conservative Party,” he said.

Sullivan said there was a problem after the first meeting because some members of the party felt there was not enough notice given prior to the meeting.

”So my client agreed to call a second meeting,” Sullivan said.

However, because party rules weren’t followed during the meeting, Wilcox adjourned the meeting. During the third meeting, proper actions took place and officers for the Conservative Party were selected. When party officer paperwork from the third meeting went to be filed with the state, Sullivan said Gloss, who was the party’s treasurer, had already filed the county’s Conservative Party officers.

”The disgruntled fraction had filed their own certification of election,” Sullivan said.

In the court transcript of the case, the Hon. Deborah Chimes’ ruled with Wilcox that the second meeting was adjourned, therefore no officers were elected.

”Even if an election went forward, it failed to comply with the Conservative Party rules,” Chimes said.

The judge then ruled that all right, title and interest in and to the property, assets, authority of the Conservative Party should be given to Wilcox.

”Respondent Gloss is to immediately transfer the treasurer records and any party assets not in a bank account to the petitioner,” Chimes said. ”Respondent Gloss is to provide an account to petitioners and the Board of Elections for all unreported monies received and expended during his tenure, and respondent Gloss is enjoined and restrained from acting as treasurer, and is to file a CF-18 resigning as treasurer for the Conservative party.”

This wasn’t the first time county conservatives have fought over control of the party. In 2010, party members went to court in the Jones and Wilcox v. Melquist case to see who controlled the split political group. In September 2010, The Post-Journal received two news releases from Conservative Party members – one from Wilcox and one from Kathleen Ferri. The first said Wilcox had been elected chair of the county party at a meeting in Sheridan. The second reported that Cameron Monroe had been elected chair at a different meeting.

Sullivan said Gloss could appeal the judge’s decision. Gloss was represented by Jeffrey T. Bochiechio of Buffalo.