How Much Is Too Much Information?

To The Reader’s Forum:

How much does the government really need to know about you? How deep and exactly who is tracking your personal information? When does it infringe upon your personal freedoms? Each time you slide your bank or medical card, each stroke of your computer searches and purchases are being tracked. Even more personal and sensitive information is tracked by government and social agencies every day, i.e. Social security, Un/employment departments, military and educational information about you and your families! More than page 2 of the census is information being gleaned about you and your children from “Cradle to Career” (and onto your grave) as well as through innocent interactions with staff at school, work and all encounters with law enforcement, family court and other social agencies (i.e. non for profit) that are monitored, coded and entered into a data system. Michelle Malken touched on many things in her four-part series on Education Reform, including the selling of your kids’ information to the highest bidder. But it is only the tip of a very deep iceberg and America is the Titanic.

Longitudinal data systems are everywhere now, and of most concern is that it’s been in school for more than 60 years and under the Obama administration have become systems on steroids. What does the government gain by tracking this information about us? How do all these bits of informational data help to teach a child to read or do math, based on so-called quantitative (vs. qualitative) studies that are flawed because they can’t be repeated. When does all this tracking and coding go beyond good intentions? More importantly who paid for all these systems – YOU the taxpayer that is who!

How much, is too much information? With threats of drones in the skies, there has been new legislation passed in the last few years that change the protective laws to support these systems and to deny children of their protective rights. Changes in social and educational law will and do affect us all by robbing us of our confidentiality and privacy. Who should decide what is best for your child and their future? How wrong is it for the government to know so much about your and your children that it could eventual effect college choices, military service and much, much more? Its a brave new world, but is it already too late to undo the potential harm?

Nancy McCool