Brick By Brick

Sheldon Court at Lutheran of Jamestown now has a Jamestown Business College brick among the many others which honor and remember loved ones.

The Lutheran Foundation was honored by a brick dedication ceremony on Tuesday evening. The donation was made possible by Elizabeth Cipolla’s organizational behavior class, which raised $315 for the organization -$75 was used to acquire the brick placed in Sheldon Court.

The student group is one of five who were required as part of Cipolla’s class to select a community nonprofit organization to feature in a project as well as raise funds for a donation. Cipolla has been teaching the class for three years, and has in total affected nearly 30 different organizations throughout the community.

According to Cipolla, the learning objective of the course is to teach the students how to be effective contributors in any organization.

“My main focus is trying to instill and develop leadership abilities within all of them,” said Cipolla. “My learning philosophy is the best way to learn is by doing, and I am a huge proponent of learning through action as opposed to traditional lecture. With this project the students get to incorporate all of the group dynamic lessons and all the organizational leadership lessons they learned throughout the curriculum. What my students put forth was a perfect and solid demonstration of all of the principles of the course as well as overcome obstacles they were presented with. But, the best aspect of it is that they did something which benefitted the community.”

The event opened with an invocation by Pastor Dan Rumfelt. It was followed by a performance by Linda Paterniti, a Lutheran resident who participates in the organization’s music therapy program. Several JBC students, including Christina Larson, Emily Swanson, Josh Kincaid and Stacy Thomas, gave speeches regarding various aspects of Lutheran. A number of Lutheran employees also took the podium to talk about various services at Lutheran, including: Gwen Axelson, development officer for Lutheran and former JBC graduate; Diana Pillittieri, social worker at Hultquist Place; and Suellen Carlson, director of volunteers for Lutheran.

“We are a very dynamic organization with several different programs and every one of them relies on the foundation, however the foundation could not do the work if it wasn’t for people like you,” said Axelson. “This is a great project that JBC’s organizational behavior class has put together. …The brick that you have put into our courtyard represents our motto that is we want people to live life well everyday and that is what you have helped us do.”

David Conklin, president of JBC, was also present for the ceremony, which he thought was phenomenal, he said.

“The idea of being able to merge the social activity of giving back to the community with the academic lessons is wonderful,” said Conklin. “This is a great example of what hands on learning is: being able to take the course objectives and learn them in the classroom then go out and apply them in the real world. But, to give something back to the community in the process really creates a win-win situation for everybody. I couldn’t be more proud of the students and their wonderful instructor Elizabeth Cipolla.”

After the ceremony, JBC students took a walk through Sheldon Court while Merritt Jobe, Lutheran resident, sang a tune. The students also enjoyed tours of several aspects of Lutheran including: the GA Learning Center by Karl Wiggins, vice president of GA Family Services, a tour of the Smartment buildings by Janell Sluga, the new rehab unit in the nursing home, and a tour of the newly renovated Hultquist Place. Doug Frazier and Amanda Chase also acted as guides for tours.

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