Faulty Equipment Causes Sunday Power Outage

A cable terminator used by the Jamestown Board of Public Utilities to transmit overhead lines to underground cables failed Sunday, causing a widespread blackout in the city of Jamestown.

Becky Robbins, BPU communications coordinator, said the power outage affected the south and west sides of the city as well as West Ellicott and Celoron. A fault was found in the major, 35,000-volt line that transmits electricity from the BPU substation on Dow Street to the power plant on Steele Street.

In a news release Tuesday, Robbins said the failed cable terminator was being replaced by BPU line crews. Troubleshooting is continuing, she said.

It wasn’t immediately clear how many residents and businesses were affected by the power outage Sunday, which lasted from 5:11 p.m. to 7 p.m.

City firefighters temporarily evacuated people at Jamestown Furniture Exposition Building, 111 W. Second St., after smoke was seen in the area.

Police reported no incidents, but were keeping an eye on major intersections during the blackout.