New Addition To Book?Sale

The James Prendergast Library’s 34th annual book sale will include a silent auction of signed books by several authors for the first time this year.

About 15 books have been donated by local and other notable authors for inclusion in this event. During the sale, their works will be in the Special Room, where anyone interested may make an offer, and they are currently being displayed at the library.

The books will be sold to the highest bidder on Saturday before the beginning of the bag sale for general merchandise and half-price sale for Special Room items.

One of the best-known authors with local roots is Natalie Merchant, a singer, songwriter and musician who recently gave the library a signed copy of her book “Leave Your Sleep,” which came out last November.

“Leave Your Sleep” is a hard-cover, 48-page, full-color book that includes a CD with 19 songs. It is based on Merchant’s album of classic children’s poetry adapted to music and includes artwork by Barbara McClintock, an award-winning children’s book illustrator.

Although the book will remain in the library’s permanent collection, cards featuring the book cover art and autographed by Merchant will be included in the sale.

Merchant recently reconnected with Anne Seely Greene, a childhood friend and librarian at Prendergast Library, and the two have enjoyed sharing memories and childhood pictures of themselves as young girls. Merchant said the library had a significant impact on her life. She remembers her parents borrowing books and films on a regular basis, seeing her first art exhibit at the library, participating in summer reading clubs, and enjoying the quiet physical space of the library where she would read and appreciate various aspects of the collection.

Other local authors who will be represented in the auction are Jennifer Riesmeyer Elvgren and Paul Leone, “If Nothing HappensThe Courtship Letters of Norman Winson Ingerson and Stella May Murdock”; Thomas A. Erlandson and Linda V. Swanson, “Figure 8 the Lake; A Driving Tour of Chautauqua Lake”; Rolland E. Kidder, “A Hometown Went to War”; and Ric Wyman, “For the Love of Lucy; The Complete Guide for Collectors and Fans.”

Additional authors who signed a book, bookplate or letter are David Baldacci, Catherine Coulter, Selden Edwards, Andrew Gross, Dean Koontz, Beverly Lewis, Adam Mansbach and Dustin Thomason.