CRCF Grant Helps WCA Purchase Digital Scale

Tracking a patient’s progress at the WCA Cancer Treatment Center has gotten a lot easier thanks to a recent grant from the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation. Money from the Carl Yngve and Lucille Adamson Fund helped WCA Hospital purchase a digital wheelchair scale.

According to Karl Sisson, WCA director of development, monitoring a patient’s weight is important because it ensures he or she is receiving proper nutrition and/or is not reacting negatively to ongoing radiation or chemotherapy treatments.

One of the benefits of having a scale designed to accommodate patients using wheelchairs is that it allows them to stay in their wheelchair while being weighed. The new scale features ramps on both sides making daily weigh-ins easier on patients and staff. The scale is also cordless and features a grab-bar which gives patients something to hold onto while being weighed.

WCA Hospital’s Cancer Care Program, the only program in the region recognized for cancer care excellence by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer, is staffed by a team of expert physicians and health care professionals under the medical direction of Theresa Pagliuca, M.D., board-certified radiation oncologist at the WCA Cancer Treatment Center. The program, located at 51 Glasgow Ave. in Jamestown, provides a wide range of cancer care services from routine screenings to the diagnosis and treatment of patients diagnosed with cancer. In partnership with physicians, hospital staff, and health care providers and specialists, the nationally recognized program provides a comprehensive range of high-quality, compassionate, and cost-effective services, including health education, screening, diagnosis, treatment, and psychosocial and patient navigation support. To learn more, visit

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