Reserve Logan Gallaway of Kalbfus had his first 25 and first 50 in the fourth week of the Warren County Trap League.

Junior Matt Brundage of Corry and Grant Gates, a sub-junior, of Sugar Grove 1 had their first 25s.

Other 50s were by Ken Anderson of Tidioute, Colton Black of Sugar Grove I, Harold Linden of Corry, Steve Ecker of Sugar Grove II and Michael McDunn and Chuck Loomis of Kalbfus.

In team scores, Tidioute downed Pine Grove, 341-331, Sugar Grove I topped Corry, 333-329, Brokenstraw defeated Sugar Grove II, 337-331, and Kalbfus beat Sheffield, 338-320.

Gallaway had the high sub junior score with his 50 and McDunn had the highest junior score with a 50.

Ken Anderson recorded a 50 for the highest veteran total. Joe Miller had the highest senior veteran score with a 49, Taylor Hanson fired the highest score by a lady with a 47 and Jim Stearns the highest super senior veteran with a 47.

TIDIOUTE (341): Ken Anderson 50, Joel Stewart 49, Doug Sliker 49, Lee Turk 49, Joe Miller 49, Jack Kostkas 48, Tal Young 47.

PINE GROVE (331): Logan Galloway 50, Ray Lee 48, John Cecco 48, Dave Kingsley 47, Kevin Sturzenbecker 46, Jerry Willett 46, Cindy Cable 46.

SUGAR GROVE I (333): Colton Black 50, Ethan Black 49, Grant Gates 48, Fred Franklin 47, Jake Lindell 47, Kirk Decker 46, Jim Hannon 46.

CORRY (329): Harold Linden 50, Kyle Dahl 48, Greg Linden 48, Jamie Morton 46, Ken Berkhous 46, Tage Grant 46, Casey Hanlin 45.

BROKENSTRAW (337): Lane Morrison 49, Rusty Luther 49, Allen Henry 48, Jason Gustafson 48, Tyler Morris 48, Ed Wurst 48, Robbin Weaver 47.

SUGAR GROVE II (331): Steve Ecker 50, Reed Johnson 49, Steve Beck 48, Kevin Nicklas 47, Steve Haner 46, Craig Darling 46, Tom Beck 45.

KALBFUS (338): Michael McDunn 50, Chuck Loomis 50, Bob Gregersen 49, Jim Nowacki 48, Tom Sleeman 47, Duane Schmader 47, John Pearson 47.

SHEFFIELD (320): Breck Fry 47, Larry M. Heeter 46, Jim Highhouse 46, Gary McLaughlin 46, Lee Heeter 46, jacob Grove 45, Dan Pierson 44.

– – –

Celoron downed Carroll, 334-324, and Randolph beat Busti, 344-340, in the Chautauqua County Trap League.

Randolph’s Steve Crudele and D.M. Bifaro, and Busti’s E.J. Rammelt and Reed Johnson shot 50s for the evening.

High ladies were Rose Corbran, Sunny Linden and Tiffany Decker with 45s. The high junior was Andrew Hvizdzak with 48 and the high sub junior was Dalton Becker with 49. The high vet was Dave Kingsley with 48, the high senior vet was E.J. Rammelt with 50 and the high super senior vet was Jim Stearns with 49.

CELORON (334): Dalton Becker, 49, Vern Brown, Shane Lindstrom and Dave Kingsley, 48, Leane Aten, Dave Anderson and Brian Ecelberger, 47.

CARROLL (324): John Foster and Marty Nelson, 49, Dennis Corey, 46, Russ Estus, Ed McCullough, Sunny Linden and Mike Mackey, 45.

RANDOLPH (344): Steve Crudele and D.M. Bifaro, 50, Chuck Westfall, Ron Gunnell, Kim Milford and Skip Frazier, 49, Gary Sickles, Jr. 48.

BUSTI (340): E.J. Rammelt and Reed Johnson, 50, Kirk Decker and Jim Stearns, 49, Craig Broberg, 48, Charlie Brown and Clyde Knapp, 47.