Mayville Cub Scouts Take Overnight Trip To Audubon

Mayville Cub Scout Pack 126 enjoyed an overnighter at the Audubon Society. The cub scouts went on nature walks, learned about Liberty the eagle, fed the birds and put to use the “leave no trace” skills learned in scouting. The Webelos achieved their Forester Activity Pin. Some scouts spent the night outside, camping in tents, while other scouts slept in the Audubon’s building.

On Saturday, April 27, the scouts had the opportunity to witness the bird banding that was going on at the Audubon Society. The boys were able to see the mist nets, watch the researchers weigh and measure the birds, and were able to ask the scientists many questions. They were amazed at this experience and learned a lot. The scouts were able to see a blue jay, red-winged black bird and other birds released after the statistics were gathered by the ornithologists.