Smoking Around Kids Should Be Criminal

To The Reader’s Forum:

With so many smoke free zones in this country, I think there should be more laws on the books regarding this, especially around kids.

It should be criminal to smoke around them period, especially in automobiles. It’s bad enough to run into smoke at the store upon entering or exiting the stores, or just leaving work that feel they can light up as soon as they get out the door when the boss isn’t looking.

The common debate is about “..those overweight people,” yeah what about them? My kids never got fat from second-hand over-indulgence, and often times more than enough there are reasons why a person may be overweight other than over doing it. I also think too that if you’re apartment has two or more occupants, smoking should be out as well. Why should I breathe in your poison?

I know some people may have a problem with this, but this is the life of our children, and cigarette companies hope to A) keep you addicted and B) appeal to your kids at the same time.

Margaret Sampson