Moore, Wilson, Maycock, Feldman Star At Super 8 Meet

SALAMANCA – Mitchell Moore and Kylie Wilson of Jamestown along with McKenna Maycock of Randolph and Brittany Feldman of Southwestern were the standouts in the Super 8 Meet of Champions on Friday.

Moore won the 200 (23.8) and the 400 hurdles for the boys and Wilson took the 100 (12.97) and 200 (26.66) for the girls.

Maycock placed first in the 100 hurdles (16.02) and the long jump (16-6) for the girls. She anchored the winning 1,600 relay (4:11.70) with the other members of that team being Mikayla Brooks, Makenzie Evans and Alexis Hinman.

Feldman was first in the 400 (59.20) and the high jump (5-2) for the girls and was honored as the top female athlete of the meet.

Megan Marsh of Maple Grove won the 1,500 for the girls with a time of 4:54.12.

Mikayla Capestrani of Jamestown won the pole vault (10-0) and the Lady Red Raiders claimed the 400 relay (51.31) with that squad made up of Orianne Simon, Sarah Garvin, Summer Haight and Capestrani.

Mackenzie Wright of Falconer got into the victory column by taking the triple jump (34-8).

Da’quan Hollingsworth of Jamestown took the 100 (11.62) and the team finished first in the boys 1,600 (3:31.77) that was anchored by Moore. The other runners were Graham Davis, Austen Johnson and Justin Capuano.

Maple Grove’s Corey Wefing was the 3,200 winner (9:42.6) and he anchored the winning 3,200 relay (8:19.56) that consisted of Nick Zuroski, Matt Nelson and Colin Green.

Chris Doubek claimed the pole vault title (14-0) and Randolph teammate Zachary Jackson the 800 (1:58.24) for the boys.

Alex Elderkin of Frewsburg had the winning high jump (6-0) and Matt Civilette of Fredonia took the long jump (20-2).

Marshall Brady of Wellsville was named the outstanding male athlete after taking the triple jump (44-7) and 110 hurdles (15.86).


100: Kylie Wilson (JHS), Taylor Dechow (R), Devinne Arnold (C-R), Mikayla Capestrani (JHS) T – 12.97.

200: Wilson (JHS), Brittany Feldman (SW), Sarah Garvin (JHS), Shantel McCart (Cly) T – 26.66.

400: Feldman (SW), Garvin (JHS), McCart (Cly), Wilson (JHS) T – 59.20.

800: Cortnie Vaughn (AL), Megan Marsh (MG), Colleen Steward (G), Alexis Hinman (R) T – 2:22.04.

1500: Marsh (MG), Lauren Reyda (Fred), McKenzie Swartzman (Frew), Tess Shilke (Fill) T – 4:54.12.

3000: Elsa Cole (Fill), Reyda (Fred), Hope Pietrocarlo (MG), Missy Graham (Wells) T – 10:48.91.

100 hurdles: McKenna Maycock (Rand), Summer Haight (JHS), Devin Kowalewski (Fred), Morgan Scarpino (Frew) T – 16.02.

400 hurdles: Taylor Lee (P), Dechow (Rand), Ally Cobb (Fred), Devinne Arnold (C-R) T – 1:09.36.

400 relay: Jamestown (Orianne Simon, Garvin, Haight, Capestrani), Falconer, Randolph, Olean T – 51.31.

1600 relay: Randolph (Mikayla Brooks, Makenzie Evans, Hinman, Maycock), Maple Grove, Portville, Southwestern T – 4:11.70.

3200 relay: Allegany-Limestone (Sarah DeCapua, Julie Barton, Alyssa Stroud, Vaughn), Maple Grove, Gowanda, Jamestown T – 9:53.57.

High jump: Feldman (SW), Diamond Fedrick (SW), Lechandre Mix (Fal), Miranda Warner (West) H – 5-2.

Pole vault: Capestrani (JHS), Brenna McDonald (Rand), Maria Darling (Pio), Kashauna Learn (Sal) H – 10-0.

Long jump: Maycock (Rand), Mackenzie Wright (Fal), Capestrani (JHS), Kowalewski (Fred) D – 16-6.

Triple jump: Wright (Fal), Ana Torres (JHS), Kowalewski (Fred), Evans (Rand) D – 34-8.

Shot put: Alyssa Smith (Wells), Justyn Milks (Pio), Becca Foote (Pio), Anna O’Neil (Frank) D – 37-4.

Discus: Smith (Wells), Alexandria Anderson (Cly), Alyssa Brooks (Fal), Alyssa Mountain (C-R) D -106-5.


100: Da’quan Hollingsworth (JHS), Joe Peace (Port), Josh Juenemann (CLV), Josh Robinson (O) T – 11.62.

200: Mitchell Moore (JHS), Juenemann (CLV), Brent Roberts (Wells), Peace (P) T – 23.08.

400: Toddrick Mason (AL), Aaron Granger (Pio), Sam Jacobi (Rand), Justin Capuano (JHS) T – 52.0.

800: Zach Jackson (Rand), George Duman (Pio), Jonathan Healy (JHS), Matt Bacher (Frank) T – 1:58.24.

1600: Owen Barber (AL), Hunter Phinney (CLV), Ryan Carpenter (Cly), Bacher (Frank) T – 4:36.90.

3200: Corey Wefing (MG), John Panus (O), Gunnar Van Curen (P), Josh Odell (Cly) T -9:42.46.

110 hurdles: Marshall Brady (Wells), Evan Harrington (Sal), Moore (JHS), Josh Fisher (Fal) T – 15.86.

400 hurdles: Moore (JHS), Jordan Powers (SW), Pat McCarthy (Fred), Brady (Wells) T – 55.59.

400 relay: Olean (Jaryd Plaud, Max Portlow, Nick Bailey, Robinson), Jamestown, Salamanca, Wellsville T – 44.51.

1600 relay: Jamestown (Graham Davis, Austen Johnson, Capuano, Moore), Randolph, Salamanca, Pioneer T – 3:31.77.

3200 relay: Maple Grove (Nick Zuroski, Matt Nelson, Colin Green, Wefing), Jamestown, Pioneer, Randolph T – 8:19.56.

High jump: Alex Elderkin (Frew), Sal Seitz (Sal), Brady (Wells), Dylan Faust (Rand) H – 6-0.

Pole vault: Chris Doubek (Rand), Seitz (Sal), Jim Maxwell (Wells), Luke Rickey (O) H – 14-0.

Long jump: Matt Civilette (Fred), Adam Pecherzewski (O), Elderkin (Frew), Jared Pitchford (Rand) D – 20-2.

Triple jump: Brady (Wells), Pecherzewski (O), Alek Peck (SW), Elderkin (Frew) D – 44-7.

Shot put: Roman Greco (AL), Evan Wilber (P), Cody Oldro (Rand), Michael Bowers (Rand) D – 48.

Discus: Nate Flick (AL), Oldro (Rand), Bowers (Rand), Lucian Greco (AL) D – 127-11.