In Years Past

100 Years Ago

In 1913, two windows of one of the streetcars on the Falconer line were smashed at Falconer Junction Friday night, chunks of coal being hurled through the plate glass windows. Fortunately, there were no passengers in the car at the time, or the results might have been far more serious than they were. Neither the motorman nor the conductor was injured.

A very successful sale and supper was conducted by the Liberal Christian Guild and the Adelphian Society of the Unitarian Church of Jamestown in the church parlors Friday afternoon and evening. The sale opened at 3 p.m. and was in the charge of the Adelphians. The supper was served at 5 p.m. under the auspices of the guild. At the sale were offered Japanese goods, homebaked goods, potted plants and ice cream and cake, and a brisk business was done. At the supper a large number of persons were served.

75 Years Ago

In 1938, Henry Steinhoff, 57, of Ashville, a county highway department employee, was in a serious condition at Jamestown General Hospital as the result of an accident occurring on Hunt Road, near Sunset Hill Cemetery. According to highway department officials, Steinhoff was on duty flagging motorists, while the road was being oiled, when he was struck by a light truck being driven by Joseph Wirtz of Mayville. Wirtz helped to get the injured man to the hospital where he stated that Steinhoff suddenly stepped in front of the truck in such a manner as to make the accident unavoidable. As a result of the accident, highway department officials issued a general warning to all motorists to exercise care and caution in approaching places along the highway where men were at work.

Carl E. Olson, 53, well-known tailor, musician and veteran of Company E, 74th New York infantry, was fatally injured at about midnight when he fell down a flight of stairs at his home on Prospect Street in Jamestown. He died a short time later. Olson had apparently climbed the flight of stairs leading to his second-floor apartment and then fell backwards, the cause of death being a heart attack according to Coroner Henry T. Bowers. Hjalmar M. Berlund, residing on the first floor, heard him fall and went to his assistance, making him as comfortable as possible in the hallway. Olson had been a tailor in Jamestown for many years.

50 Years Ago

In 1963, the cool courage, iron nerve and skill of astronaut Gordon Cooper aroused the wonder and astonishment of Western Europe this day. World leaders – including Soviet Premier Khrushchev – cabled congratulations to President Kennedy. Khrushchev saluted the “courageous American astronaut” and said his flight had “made a new contribution to the exploration of the expanses of the universe.” Through the evening and into the early morning, Europeans followed the last tension-packed hours of his voyage. They didn’t go to bed until they knew that he was down and safe. The admiration was accompanied by relief that he had made it down safely after the worry when technical failure in the capsule forced him to drive the thing down himself.

Two special fittings essential to completing the job of preparing Jamestown’s water supply for fluoridation were expected by the end of the month. Fluoridation was approved about 15 months ago but contracts for equipment were not awarded until the past December. Merle W. Smedberg, public utilities superintendent said the Board of Public Utilities was ready to fluoridate the water supply from the Cassadaga Valley well field near Falconer as soon as the installation was complete.

25 Years Ago

In 1988, New York state might be cutting its income tax but that simply meant the tax burden was being shifted to local property taxes, according to the state’s mayors. “When you come right down to it, they are not reducing taxes, they are just passing them along to the municipalities,” said Mayor James Caruso of Altamont, in Albany County, of the tax cuts approved by the state Legislature and Gov. Mario Cuomo.

Jamestown Mayor Steven B. Carlson asked the city council to allow him to begin merger talks with Jamestown General and WCA hospitals. Carlson also asked the council to request the state to authorize Jamestown to borrow up to $5 million to bail JGH out of debt. Jamestown General, already more than $3 million in the red, had lost another $269,178 since the beginning of the year according to figures presented by Carlson.