2012 Finances Show Chautauqua County Is In The Black

Chautauqua County’s year-end audit for 2012 has shown the county was able to produce a $5.8 million surplus for the general fund, instead of the significant deficit projected in 2011.

According to a press release from County Executive Greg Edwards’ office, the surplus will enable the county to make the required investments in infrastructure with existing capital, while avoiding dramatic tax increases.

A number of factors contributed to the surplus, according to the release.

The merger of the Health and Social Services departments enabled the county to reallocate staff and continue to focus on the front-end detection system. The system is designed to make sure only those who qualify for benefits are permitted to sign up for them.

The Health and Human Services department increased revenues for 2012 by $1.2 million. The Planning and Economic Development department and the Chautauqua County Industrial Development Agency also completed the sale of the Chadwick Bay Industrial site speck building. This sale resulted in more than $1.8 million of increased income for the county.

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