Cuts For Disabled Should Be Stopped

To The Readers’ Forum:

Kudos goes to Assemblyman Goodell for fighting for the developmentally disabled, as he should rightly be doing.

If you can find billions to fund tax rebates, tax credits to film and tv studios and give countless millions to a football team, then why not a few dollars to worthwhile causes like TRC and Aspire? Oh wait, because you think we’re a money losing bunch, forgetting that many of us do work, shop and are around here all year round. And many of us do pay taxes on what we eat, consume – including utilities.

Those cuts are starting to show their evil side – many of us will have to start paying our way into work because many of us cannot drive. We’ll be handing our checks right back to them in the end, because it won’t be cheap and many of us don’t make much in the first place. I urge people, including those consumers in the homes and those living in the community to write your assembly people, write here, make sure your voice is heard. I’m mad a heck and I shouldn’t have to take it any more!

Russell Fowler