Larger Than Life

The big top came to town Monday as the Jamestown Savings Bank Arena hosted the Jordan World Circus.

A classic circus in every sense, the event treated audiences to a variety of entertainment including jugglers, animal acts, aerial acrobatics, magic shows and even death-defying motorcycle stunts.

The Jordan World Circus, operated out of Las Vegas, Nev., regularly tours from coast to coast and has been featured at the Jamestown Savings Bank Arena several times since their first show at the venue in 2009. Visitors had their choice of two shows Monday, one at 4 p.m. and a second showing at 7:30.

The event was presented in the three-ring traditional American style, and the crowd enthusiastically cheered for each and every performer as they brought their unique brand of entertainment to the stage. Age was no barrier at this event, either, with those in attendance ranging from infants to grandparents and everything in between.

A juggler performed in the center ring, using everything from bowling pins to flaming torches, and at one point even managing seven balls in the air simultaneously.

Aerialist acrobats came in all shapes and sizes, with performers taking to the air on silk scarves, hoops, ropes and even their own hair. During an illusion act, the “Singing Ringmaster” Devin Chandler wowed the crowd with quick changes, a disappearing assistant and more. Motorcyclists took to the “Globe of Death” and a highwire, where stunts were performed with acrobats on a swing that was attached to the undercarriage of the bike. In classic fashion, the circus closed out its early performance with a selection of tricks from Tiny the elephant.

Following their performances in Jamestown, the crew will continue to entertain audiences with a string of dates in Colorado. For more information about the Jordan World Circus, visit