Geometry Class Plays With Polygons

Mrs. McKotch’s Applied Geometry class recently completed a unit on polygons with a quilt project.

During the unit, students were introduced to the various polygons and their properties and how they relate to each other. In addition, students used this time to revisit area and perimeter formulas and apply them in practical situations involving polygons.

One place in real life that polygons are seen is in the American quilt. The art of designing and making a quilt was discussed, and several examples of various nine-block patterns were given to the students.

As part of the culminating project, students created their own quilt square out of scrapbooking paper. Students began by first drawing a scale version of their square and making templates before finally completing the actual square on a 12-by-12-inch piece of paper. In addition to the classroom work, Janice Shoup, owner of Quilter’s Haven, invited the students in to her shop for a field trip.

While at the quilt shop, students shared their designs and learned more about how math is used in quilting and sewing. Mrs. Shoup then allowed the students to pick fabric for their square to be sewn out of. Through the generosity of Quilter’s Haven, the students’ work will become a real quilt.

Students will be selling raffle tickets for chances on the finished quilt during April and May with the drawing to be held at the Lawn Social. Tickets will be $1 each and the class decided to donate all proceeds to a fund to benefit students at Southwestern.

This project required students to use skills that they had learned in previous units; students realized how accurate scale, proportion, area, perimeter and measurement need to be not only when making a quilt but within the context of any real-world situation.