The Glue That Holds A Family Together

A family is one of the greatest “clubs” of which you can be a member, and all of us have been, or are now a member of one, so this piece should hit all of us in some way.

There are some experiences of being a part of this special club called family, which are memorable, some which we’d like to forget, some comical, some sad, some where one club might have been more functional than others, some memories where clubs have lost members far too soon, but in many of these clubs, not all, there was one person who served as the glue in holding that club together, keeping all parts running (not always smoothly, but running just the same) making sure that this club was going to survive anything that might come along threatening its existence, and today we honor that person with a variety of titles which include Mother, Mom, Ma, Mama, and Mommy.

Today, many mothers are working mothers. Some may be single mothers trying to finance their own home, some may be married mothers trying to help the financial survival of a family. Some may have to work because their spouse might be out of work. That is so honorable, that they know what has to be done, and that they sacrifice time and effort, which is surprising that they have any time left after doing everything they do in making sure the home is running on as many cylinders as possible.

There are so many other occupations that mothers take on and do successfully, and this list is not demeaning in any way, or is it saying that those things on this list is “women’s work,” it is more a tribute to what moms are willing to take on to make sure the family keeps going.

Between my mother, my wife, and many other mothers I have watched in my life, I’ve seen moms be housekeepers and maids, cooks and bakers, and laundresses. I’ve seen them be painters, plumbers, carpenters, bicycle repairpersons and general handypersons.

I’ve seen them be seamstresses and tailors. They’ve been doctors and nurses, hairdressers and barbers. They’ve been furniture movers, gardeners, snow removers. They’ve been counselors, advisors and teachers. They’ve been umpires and referees. They’ve been drivers and chauffeurs, coaches and scorekeepers. They’ve been ache and pain relievers, problem solvers, interceders, story tellers, chasers of monsters and boogie men, and protectors from monsters and ogres. They’ve been part-time catchers when their ace hurler needed help with their pitching. They’ve been backyard soccer goal scorers when their all-star goalies needed practice, and they’ve been quarterbacks when their speedy wide out needed reps. They’ve been team moms and room mothers. They’ve been den mothers, and Girl Scout leaders. They’ve been time managers, homework checkers, motivators and decorators.

They’ve been master shoppers, making the most of the “club treasuries.” They seem to be magicians in this regard, stretching budgets to fill all needs. Often they’ve sacrificed their own needs for the sake of the rest of the “club membership.” They’ve been party planners, experts in the hosting of birthday parties, holiday parties, pizza and wing parties, and dinner parties. They’ve been entertainers too.

All this and many of them leave the house to go to work at their jobs. Ironically, that’s the one job they get paid to do, but again, they earmark everyone else before themselves when it comes to spending that pay.

One might wonder where these women get the time to be so many different people, fill so many different roles and serve in so many capacities. After all, there are only 24 hours in a day for everyone. I’ve heard many who are in the “sorority” of women comment that they just don’t seem to have the time to do everything on their agenda. So how is it that moms seem to have that time, or make that time to complete all that they do in that 24 hour day? (I go back to my suggestion that they are magicians.)

It’s too easy to take all of these “jobs” done by moms and mothers for granted. It’s too easy to expect that all of the things moms and mothers do for their families just happen, or just appear, or just be something we should not even think about, or consider them to be an entitlement.

For all they do, moms and mothers should be honored and recognized 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks every year. They should also be honored during those magical hours that they find every day above and beyond the standard 24 day the rest of us live, as they keep everything running smoothly, with no regard to their own needs or wants. Theirs is a true labor of love and they do it unconditionally, without expectation of any kind of reward. Their reward comes in the satisfaction of making sure everyone in the club is taken care of, has everything they need, has some of what they want, and they can see smiles on the faces, tears drying up, hear sighs of relief, and feel the happiness in all for whom they’ve pledged their care and love.

So as this Mother’s Day is celebrated this year, let us all remember the glue that holds our families together, our mothers and moms, be they are own, or the mothers of our children, and be they with us physically or spiritually. Let us not be complacent with regard to what they do, have done, and will continue to do for us. Let us not expect those things to just happen, and let us not take them for granted!.Happy Mother’s Day Moms!

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and moms … here or up there.