Falconer Junior To Pursue Career In Environmental Biotechnology

FALCONER – An appreciation for nature has compelled a Falconer Central School student to engineer a career path in environmental biotechnology.

“I just like nature, overall, and want to make an effort to try and preserve it longer,” said Gibson Stuart, a junior.

Predictably, Gibson is drawn toward the subjects of history and science. He said he feels challenged by the content, but finds the topics interesting and applicable toward his career choice.

“I take interest in the topics that (the subjects) go over, but the challenge makes me feel accomplished,” he said.

In his studies, Gibson has maintained a grade point average of 89, and he will have accumulated 15 JCC-administered college credits upon his graduation. Although he is not yet sure of where he wants to attend college, Gibson’s career interests lie in seeking out newer forms of renewable energy.

“I hope to learn about cleaner alternatives for energy. I’m thinking about going into a field that deals with biodiesels, but I’m pretty open-minded right now,” Gibson said.

His college credits have been accrued through his enrollment in a variety of subjects, including: calculus, principles of biology, physics, English and biotechnology classes.

According to Susan Leach, Gibson’s English teacher, Gibson has a knack for the curriculum.

“He’s a solid English student,” she said. “He’s very comprehensive, comprehensible and he works hard. And I think the interesting thing is his sports affiliation. I know he’s a hockey star, but in the classroom, he’s a champ.”

As a 13-year veteran defenseman of hockey, Gibson is currently involved with the Jamestown Lakers’ 18-and-under midget team, which went to state championships and achieved victory this year, as well as the Jamestown Raiders’ combined high school team.

He is also a member of Falconer’s varsity baseball team, which is currently attempting a playoff push.

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