Comfort Today Now Offering Post-Rehab Care

Comfort Today is now offering post-rehab care.

Senior citizens and older adults may not have ready access to exercise facilities with programs that are designed specifically for their own health-related issues.

At Comfort Today, Wellness Coordinator Joanie Denn designs programs specific to the needs of an individual. Her person-centered approach aims to help clients track their progress and maintain or improve their fitness levels post-rehab.

Dave Fredlund, who had knee surgery last fall, said, “I was a man who crawled in, but now I am walking out.”

Fredlund started his program at Comfort Today last fall and was making steady progress when he had a setback. On Dec. 31, he was hit by a car while walking. Fortunately he suffered only bumps and bruises and returned to the safety of his workouts at Comfort Today within a few weeks of the accident.

Fredlund continues to enjoy working out on the Cybercyle, which stimulates both the mind and the body by using interactive tours and games.

For more information and assistance in creating a personalized post-rehab plan, call Denn at 338-0500.