Student Sculpture Wins First Place In Art Contest

During the fall semester, high school students in Mrs. Brown’s AP art class and Mrs. Mitchener’s sculpture class at Southwestern Central School had the opportunity to experience a special sculptural tour of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery.

The students were inspired by the many diverse sculptures they saw on their visit, primarily the piece entitled Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Monochrome 1, Built to Live Anywhere, at Home Here, created in 2010-11 by American artist Nancy Rubins.

After the visit, the sculpture class students worked together to construct three different giant sculptures using recycled choir chairs. The chairs were first spray painted with aluminum and red paint and then assembled with clear zip ties. The best sculpture, as per a class vote, was submitted to the Art’scool Contest at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. It is called “Assembled Together; Built to Live Anywhere, At Home Here At Southwestern,” made with recycled chairs, metallic silver and red spray paint, zip ties and is 12-feet-by-12-feet-by-8-feet.

Southwestern Central School has been awarded the first-place prize of $1,200. The art department plans on using the prize money to install a permanent sculpture on campus. Participating students include: Ashton Dent (12th grade), Erika Gustafson (10th), Taylor Hill (12th), Brooke Johnson (11th), Lacey Johnson (ninth), Drew Kellogg (12th), Kristen Kephart (12th), Elizabeth McKotch (11th), Marisa Pantall (12th), Fantasia Royle (10th), Lauren Siperek (12th), Meghan Siperek (ninth), Mackenzie Stevenson (10th), Cody Winans (10th) and Meghan Zabala (12th).

The Albright Knox Gallery will be holding an exhibition reception, on Thursday from 4-7 p.m. All students involved are welcome to attend with their families.