TRC Director Speaks To Rotary Members

Nancy Ingram, associate executive director of The Resource Center spoke to the Rotary Club of Jamestown recently about the week-long residential camp for developmentally-disabled adult clients of The Resource Center held annually at YMCA Camp Onyasha.

The local Rotary Club sponsors the camp with funds generated by the Wendy Sharp Camp Onyasha Rotary Camp Fund at the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation.

After presenting a brief history of the camp, Ingram introduced Jane Young, TRC staff photographer for the camp, who presented a slideshow of this past year’s camp and events. In addition to many of the campers, the slideshow featured Bill Tucker, Rotary club president, accepting a camp photo which was given to Rotary in appreciation of the club’s support.

Willie Prince, one of the TRC campers, along with his mother, Sue Lent, also spoke to the club about his experience at the TRC camp. Willie said he enjoyed the experience very much. He had a lot of fun with different activities which increased his motivation and skills. Willie described how the camp staff kept everyone safe while boating on the lake and in the various activities. Jane Young added that the Camp Onyasha staff did a wonderful job with the campers throughout the week.

Last year a number of Rotary club members visited the TRC camp at Camp Onyasha. One member described the camp as the “real expression” of the mission of Rotarians. Willie invited all club members to visit the camp this year and to see for themselves how great the camp experience is.