Woman Injured, Horse Dead After Accident In Chautauqua

CHAUTAUQUA – An unidentified woman was transported to an Erie hospital Monday after a truck struck the horse she was riding in the town of Chautauqua. The horse died as a result of the accident.

State Police report the woman who was riding the horse was eastbound on Route 430 when an approaching truck, also eastbound, struck the animal. The woman was thrown from the horse, a police report said.

An oncoming vehicle in the westbound lane avoided the horse. However, a second vehicle, also westbound, struck the horse.

According to witnesses, the woman was traveling next to the yellow line on the road, police said.

The woman was transported by helicopter to Hamot Hospital in Erie, Pa. Drivers of the truck and vehicle that struck the horse sustained no injuries, police said.

The horse died at the scene.

Police said the woman was unable to give a clear statement on what happened. She was reportedly not wearing a helmet.