Angelo Giuffre

Angelo Giuffre, 87, born in Marianopoli, Sicily, on Sept. 18, 1926, passed away on March 5, 2013, in Alba, Italy, where he resided for the past year.

Angelo is survived by his wife, Maria Cali, whom he married in 1948; three daughters: Teresa (Pino Di Minuco) in Alba, Italy, Stefana (Carmelo Montagna) in Alba, Italy, and Grazia (Enzo Giambra); two sons: Chuck (Angie) in Jamestown, N.Y., and Ross (Mary) also in Jamestown, N.Y. He is also survived by two brothers: Cataldo and Vincenzo; two sisters: Assunta and Maria. He is also survived by 16 grandchildren: Lillo Di Minuco, Maria Vincenza Di Minuco, Giovanna Maria Montagna, Mimmo Montagna, Gabriella Montagna in Italy, Alessandro Giambra, Angelo Giambra, Roberto Giambra, Valentina Giambra in North Carolina, Mary Jo Giuffre in Pittsburgh, Angelo Valentino Giuffre, Giulia Giuffre, Angelo Adam Giuffre, Elizabeth Brown, Gabriella Caruso and Marinella Giuffre in Jamestown, N.Y.; and 18 great-grandchildren.

He worked as a custodial administrator in Marianipoli, Sicily, from 1962 until 1988, retiring to Turin, Italy, that same year. Angelo had a passion for politics and served for five years as vice mayor in his hometown.

The funeral was held in Alba on March 8, 2013.