Busti and Celoron went to the 11th shooter to break a tie, 525-524, in the Chautauqua County Trap League.

Randolph downed Carroll, 337-321, in the other match.

Celoron’s Dave Anderson and Randolph’s Kim Milford shot the only 50s for the evening. Stephanie Tutmaher was the high lady with 48. The high junior was Tyler Chase with 48 and the high sub junior was Dalton Becker with 47. The high vet was Ray Lee with 49, the high senior vet was Hod Edgreen with 49 and the high super senior vet was Gary Sickles with 48.

BUSTI (525): Hod Edgreen, Charlie Brown and Ray Nordin, 49, Tyler Chase and Jim Bessey, 48, Tim Young, Tom Beck, Dave Sena, Bob Schilling, Jim Holcomb and Bill Dallas, 47.

CELORON (524): Dave Anderson, 50, Shane Lindstrom, Howard Lindstrom, Stephanie Tutmaher and Bob Faga, 48, Mike Clutchy, Dalton Becker, Brian Ecelberger and Scott Carter, 47, Rose Corbran, 46.

RANDOLPH (337): Kim Milford, 50, Skip Frazier, 49, Marty Gawron, D.M. Bifaro and Gary Sickles, 48, Derek Rumsey and Ron Gunnell, 47.

CARROLL (321): Ray Lee, 49, Rick Rusiniak, Sunny Linden and John Foster,46, Paul Prentice and Marty Nelson, 45, Tom Reidy, 44.