Marvin House Members Learn About Master Gardeners

Members of the Marvin Community House met recently for lunch with Jane Winter presenting “The Daffodil Principle” as the invocation.

Cashiers were Jan Gibson and Merle Szydlo. Door prizes were won by Jan Gibson and Catrina Granborn. A special cupcake and decorated candle were given to Lynn Jordan, Virginia Lind, Karen Thompson and Adena Woodard, all members who were celebrating April birthdays. Beth Trosper, president, conducted the business meeting.

Pat Appelbe gave an informative presentation on Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Chautauqua County Master Gardener Program. Appelbe is a graduate of the Master Gardener Program and is a vegetable and berry gardener. She is very active with the Master Gardener Core Training Program and has logged more than 350 hours of community service and continuing education. Marvin House members were interested to learn that Master Gardeners gain knowledge in numerous areas such as garden botany, soils and fertilizers, perennials, herbs, gardening for water quality, and integrated pest management.

The mission of the Chautauqua County Master Gardener Program is to educate and serve the community, utilizing university and research-based horticultural information. Master Gardeners are involved in a variety of projects and functions based on the educational priorities in Chautauqua County. Master Gardeners have been involved in a myriad of ventures throughout the county including youth gardening projects, building and maintaining community and food pantry gardens, presenting workshops and horticultural demonstrations, troubleshooting home gardeners’ concerns, and writing pertinent articles and publications.

The next Marvin House luncheon will be the annual meeting on Monday and will be for members only. The June 20 meeting and luncheon will feature an overview of the Community Helping Hands program and will be presented by Amy Rohler, director of ministries. Guests are welcome and may call the Marvin House at 488-6206 for reservations.

The Marvin Community House was left to the women of Jamestown in 1951 by Elizabeth Warner Marvin. The home was opened to women’s groups whose purpose is the moral and mental improvement of women in literary, musical, educational, patriotic, scientific and historical fields. For more information, visit the The Marvin Community House on Facebook or at