Reed Apparently Not Aware Of FAFSA

To the Readers’ Forum:

Congressman Tom Reed recently met with College students and financial aid officers here in my county to talk about the high cost of higher education. He then told a Post-Journal reporter that there is plenty of money available for financial aid, but that bureaucracy and inefficiency keeps students from having access to it. His solution we need one stop shopping for financial aid. He is apparently unaware of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which has been the one stop application used by almost all colleges for decades.

This level of naivety from a congressman trying to show his concern for his constituents regarding their high cost of education is appalling, but it pales next to his deceitful framing of the issue. Congressman Reed cannot possibly be ignorant of the fact that the federal budget sequestration cuts $96,000,000 in financial aid grants to 70,000 students, and nearly doubles fees on student loans. On top of that, the Ryan budget, passed by Reed and the rest of the House Republicans, freezes Pell grants at their current level for 10 years, and provides financial aid to fewer families.

Congressman Reed proposes one stop shopping, which already exists, but with his “plan”, would empty the shelves before the shoppers get there.

Travis Gordon,