Lincoln Elementary School’s PARP Combines Reading With Travel

Lincoln Elementary School recently held their PARP (Parents as Reading Partners) Program. This year’s theme, “Lincoln Takes a Reading Road,” showcased different parts of the country through reading including New York City, Philadelphia, the Everglades and the Alamo. The three-week program asks parent to read with their children a minimum of 15 minutes a day, five days a week, outside of school.

Reading Specialist Anastasia Swanson and teachers Britany Saxton and Laura Burstrom encouraged reading by putting together activities including a kick-off assembly with a magician, daily trivia, an end-of-the-day call-in with an “I Spy” twist, map skills where students were given clues and coordinates to discover a new area of the country, postcards with “tolls,” a “Jamestown Travel Channel” broadcast during the school’s morning announcements, Lincoln School’s “Wall of Fame” for students who met the goals and a final assembly built around the show, “Who’s Smarter Than a Fourth Grader?” The group also sponsored a door-decorating contest that a Jamestown Police officer judged. Mrs. Gustafson’s first-grade room won first prize for their door based on the book, “A Day in the Apple Orchard.”