Other Mothers And Moms We Grew Up With

Next week, we celebrate Mother’s Day once again, and the “Voice from the Bullpen” will take a serious look at those women who have taken on the role of mother next Sunday, but for this week let’s take a look at other mothers whom we may have grown up watching, some of our favorite moms of television. Do you remember who played these mothers and moms on the small screen?

1.) June Cleaver

2.) Wilma Flintstone

3.) Marion Cunningham

4.) My Mother the Car

5.) Jeff’s mom on Lassie

6.) Timmy’s mom on Lassie

7.) Florida Evans (Good Times)

8.) Edith Bunker

9.) Helen Marie (That Girl)

10.) Louise Jefferson

11.) Clair Huxtable

12.) Donna Stone

13.) Kate Bradley (Petticoat Junction)

14.) Winnie Gillis (Dobie’s mom)

15.) Maureen Robinson (Lost in Space)

16.) Kathy Williams (Make Room for Daddy)

17.) Olivia Walton

18.) Grandma Walton

19.) Harriet (Ozzie’s wife, David and Ricky’s mom)

20.) Jill Taylor (Home Improvement)

21.) Maggie Seaver (Growing Pains)

22.) Carol Brady

23.) Mama Thelma Harper

24.) Marie Barone

25.) Shirley Partridge

26.) Laura Petrie

27.) Mabel Thomas (What’s Happening)

28.) Elyse Keaton

29.) Morticia Addams

30.) Lily Munster

31.) Estelle Costanza

32.) Miss Ellie Ewing (Dallas)

33.) Caroline Ingalls

34.) Marge Simpson

35.) Samantha Stephens (Bewitched)

36.) Natalie Lane (The Patty Duke Show)

37.) Alice Mitchell (Dennis the Menace)

38.) Ellen Wedloe (Gentle Ben)

39.) Carmella Soprano

40.) Annie Camden (7th Heaven)

41.) Angela Bower (Who’s the Boss)

42.) Annie Romano (One Day at a Time)

43.) Maxine Gray (Judging Amy)

44.) Victoria Barkley (The Big Valley)

45.) Margaret Anderson (Father Knows Best)

46.) Joan Nash (Please Don’t Eat the Daisies)

47.) Debra Barone

48.) Norma Arnold (The Wonder Years)

49.) Katherine Howser (Doogie Howser M.D.)

50.) Lucy Ricardo (too easy)

Well there’s the list. I gave some clues, which probably made the quiz way too easy, but I thought they might be helpful in jogging the memories. Once again, I will include the answers which I know you will not need, but they help fill my space. Same scoring … two points each for every correct answer. Good luck and no cheating.


1.) Barbara Billingsley

2.) Jean Vander Pyl

3.) Marion Ross

4.) Ann Sothern

5.) Jan Clayton

6.) June Lockhart

7.) Esther Rolle

8.) Jean Stapleton

9.) Rosemary DeCamp

10.) Isabel Sanford

11.) Felicia Rashad

12.) Donna Reed

13.) Bea Benaderet

14.) Florida Friebus

15.) June Lockhart (again)

16.) Marjorie Lord

17.) Michael Learned

18.) Ellen Corby

19.) Harriet Nelson (too easy)

20.) Patricia Richardson

21.) Joanna Kearns

22.) Florence Henderson

23.) Vicki Lawrence

24.) Doris Roberts

25.) Shirley Jones

26.) Mary Tyler Moore

27.) Mabel King

28.) Meredith Baxter

29.) Carolyn Jones

30.) Yvonne DeCarlo

31.) Estelle Harris

32.) Barbara Bel Geddes

33.) Karen Grassle

34.) Julie Cavner

35.) Elizabeth Montgomery

36.) Jean Byron

37.) Gloria Henry

38.) Beth Brickell

39.) Edie Falco

40.) Catherine Hicks

41.) Judith Light

42.) Bonnie Franklin

43.) Tyne Daly

44.) Barbara Stanwyck

45.) Jane Wyatt

46.) Patricia Crowley

47.) Patricia Heaton

48.) Alley Mills

49.) Belinda Montgomery

50.) Lucille Ball (way too easy)

I know there were many more TV moms who have walked across our television sets since the beginning of TV time, but these were some that stood out in my mind. Some were moms who modeled our own moms, some were wild and crazy moms, some were “stay at home” moms, some were working moms, some were single moms, some were funny moms, some were serious moms, but no matter what kind of moms they were, they were a part of our lives of entertainment. I hope you did well on this version of “Voice from the Bullpen” trivia.

Next week we can reflect on the serious side of moms and the reason for celebrating them on their special day. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed another look back at a part of our past. (A heads up … Father’s Day is just six weeks away. Hint … hint.)