Randolph Academy Art Students Contribute To National Project

HAMBURG – Art students at Randolph Academy, Hopevale Campus, remembered victims of genocide through a national social arts program entitled, One Million Bones. The educational and hands-on art making lesson is designed to increase student awareness of current social issues. Their participation also supports the connection between experiential education and the arts and deeper learning and civic engagement.

The art students were first made aware of a group effort to collect 1 million bones for a collaborative installation on the Washington Mall in Washington, D.C. on June 8-10. Each Randolph Academy student created a bone from wire, newspaper and plaster strips. These bones will join others at the Washington Mall to create a statement as they will be laid out across the Mall from end to end.

The installation is intended to provide a visual reminder of the genocides and related atrocities going on in the world as well to remember the victims and survivors.

The One Million Bones project illustrates how the power of art can inspire worthwhile activism.

The Students Rebuild Challenge that the Randolph Academy students participated in generates a $1 donation for each bone created to benefit CARE for their work in Somalia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Randolph Academy is a k-12 Special Act Public School District serving 200 students at locations in Hamburg and Randolph.